Antique Nickel

The Other Silver.

If you want something in the silver family but with a little more character than a brushed stainless or nickel finish, Antique Nickel may fit the bill.  Like its cousin finishes, Antique Brass and Antique Bronze, Antique Nickel has the characteristic fine dark lines throughout the finish.  The base color is a satin nickel.  

The best way to describe Antique Nickel is that it's like a Satin Nickel without the intensity.  Dark tones that penetrate the silver base give this finish a warmer feel that looks great when paired with other colors of a similar hue but "pops" when contrasted with backgrounds of deep blue, black or any jewel tone such as ruby, emerald or turquoise.

Antique Nickel will enhance the look of any foot rail, hand rail, partition post or any of the other hundreds of products we offer. Perhaps the most versatile of all the specialty finishes, Antique Nickel is well-suited to accent a broad range of color schemes.

Every foot rail and all tubing and components are available in Antique Nickel. Please call 877-747-2457 to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to provide assistance.



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