Peppered Pewter

No Prospecting Necessary

No, it's not pewter and it's not silver ore but few finishes offer the simple, rustic texture and color of our Peppered Pewter Duracoat.  The unique look of Peppered Pewter blends well with ornately carved estate oak or with the simple decor of a country farmhouse.

Peppered Pewter is as tough as it is beautiful.  Use it on foot rails for casino gaming tables, hotel and restaurant bars and other high traffic areas.  Of course, it works just as well for residential applications. But don't let Peppered Pewter's rough exterior look fool you.  "Textured" best describes the finish which is actually rather soft to the touch with no sharp or jagged edges. 

Peppered Pewter will enhance the look of any foot rail, hand rail, partition post or any of the other hundreds of products we offer.  If you like the look of Peppered Pewter but would prefer something in a Copper tone, consider its cousin,  Copper Mine.

Every foot rail and all tubing and components are available in Peppered Pewter. Please call 877-747-2457 to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to provide assistance.



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