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Bar Foot Rails - Requesting a Custom Quotation & Submission of Drawings

  In order to expedite the quotation process DO NOT submit architectural drawings, CAD files or .pdf's of plan sets.  After an order is placed, we will ask you for specific types of files, if necessary,  but NOT for the initial estimate.

Please provide a simple plan view of the finished millwork (bar face) for which a quotation is desired.  Explicitly show all dimensions, as we will not work off the drawing scale for initial quotations. This should include arc length and radius for all curved sections and linear dimensions for all straight sections.  For multiple sided bars, show all angles as well. Submit ONLY the plan views of the bar face (finished millwork) that you want us to address or simple sketches.  NO  ARCHITECTURAL PLAN SETS FOR THE INITIAL QUOTATION.

If foot rail is to be floor mounted, is free standing or does not follow bar face dimensions (e.g. there is no bar face), you may submit a simple plan view of the foot rail itself.

A hand sketch is fine or you can highlight pulled out sections from an architectural plan but ALL dimensions described above must be written explicitly.  IMPORTANT: If using pulled-out sections from an architectural plan, highlight the area of the bar face at which or in front of which a foot rail will be required. ALL DIMENSIONS MUST BE EXPLICITLY SHOWN.

If there are requirements for bracket placement or for brackets to align with certain features on the bar face, you may include an elevation for each plan view you submit.

Again, simple drawings are required showing ONLY the bar face and related dimensions.

    • NO Plan Sets or Architectural Drawings for initial quote.




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