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About Curved Bar Foot Rails

Unlike other companies that send your  request to a third party for estimating and fabrication, Commercial Finished Metals Corp.  has railing specialists ready to assist you with your curved bar foot rail.  That means you'll never wait days for a quotation regardless of the complexity or scope.  It also means that nothing is ever lost in the translation and you'll have one company that is responsible for your job from start to finish.

Our specialists will normally provide a quotation within minutes and if you're in a hurry, we can even give you an accurate estimate while you're still on the phone. 

  • Straight Line DE = Chord
  • Curved Line DE = Arc
  • BC = Segment Height
  • AB = Apothem
  • AC = Radius
  • BDE = Central Angle

We can precisely define and fabricate your rail with any one of the following pairs of information.

Radius and Central Angle
Radius and Chord
Radius and Segment Height
Radius and Apothem
Chord and Segment Height
Chord and Apothem
Segment Height and Apothem
Chord and Arc

In lieu of the above information we can always fabricate from a template.
However, a mathematical definition of the curve will ALWAYS be more precise.

We can work from your CAD illustration or architectural plans
but if the curve of your bar foot rail is uniform, we only require one of the  measurement sets above.  For ellipse or other curves with changing radii, please call for directions on how to specify.
The above information applies to curves on hand rails and other material, as well.

The easiest way to get started is to call 877-747-2457.
You'll speak directly with a specialist who will clearly explain what's needed

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