Finishes for Foot Rails & More

Finishes for Foot Rails, Bar Rails, Partition Posts, Stemware Racks and Railing Posts. Every product and component is available in any finish.


Antique Bronze  A dark, satin finish with a deep satin bronze background and subtle black lines that blend to one yet maintain random variations of shadow and hue.  Adds the perfect contrast to a  variety of  color themes, especially dark woods and metals.

Antique Copper  Similar to the Antique Brass but in a rich copper tone.  This satin finish is a great choice for those who like the reddish tones of copper without the flash or high gloss of a polished copper. 

Oil-Rubbed Bronze  A deep, rich chocolate brown satin finish that provides a tasteful accent to most wood tones; light,dark or in-between.  Perfectly imperfect, your rail will enhance any room without dominating the decor.

Antique Nickel If a darker, "silvery" tone is more to your taste, our Antique Nickel may be the finish of choice. Very similar in look to both the Antique Copper and Antique Brass, the Antique Nickel delivers a slightly more contemporary feel for decors that have nickel, stainless steel or similar themes. Also works well as a contrast to very dark woods such as Mahogany, Dark Cherry,  Ebony and Dark Oak.

Pewter  A staple of old-world look finishes, pewter offers a satin, medium to dark gray that's classic. A low-luster finish that compliments a wide spectrum of backgrounds.  Pewter  works well with virtually any background from light to dark and in virtually any color scheme.  A great choice in a room with a varied colors.  Finishes will vary by run and no two will be identical.

Satin Copper   A great choice as an alternative to a polished copper.  It will not tarnish or patina.  As with the other coppers, it's a great match for copper faucets, sinks, counter tops and any other copper finish appliances.

Antique Brass   A popular choice for those who want the gold tone of brass without the high luster.  It's characterized by a satin sheen with very fine black threads running throughout.  Antique Brass offers the richness of brass but  is understated and never over-powering.

Polished Copper  A high-gloss, mirror copper finish.  Can be left uncoated for a natural patina effect over time or protected with a lacquer or clear powder coat.

Gun Metal Copper Mine New York Muted Brass Oil-Rubbed Metallica Ancient Bronze Peppered Pewter

Duracoat Extremetm  finishes are both durable and elegant.  Used in hotels, restaurants, casinos and homes, they are finishes that withstand the test of time and provide lasting beauty.
  Duracoat finishes simulate the typical imperfections and beauty intrinsic in traditional hand-made metalwork.  No two runs are identical and your product will have characteristics and variations that make it unique from all others.  Produced using state-of-the-art fusion bonding, each product is produced to the highest specifications for quality and wear resistance.

You'll  find Duracoat Extremetm finishes only at Commercial Finished Metals Corporation.
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