Pearlescent Pewter

Pewter by any Other Name

Peauter, Peutre, Peltro, Peltre - Regardless of how you pronounce it, pewter is a splendid metal with an old world luster that conjures up images of grand European estates.  One of our more popular Duracoat finishes,  Pearlescent Pewter is a medium gray.  The finish is smooth to the touch and has a medium glossy luster.  Similar to our Gun Metal Gray,  Pearlescent Pewter is slightly lighter in hue. Works great as a compliment to a diverse range of colors.  Pearlescent Pewter will enhance the look of any foot rail, hand rail, partition post or any of the other hundreds of products we offer.

Every foot rail and all tubing and components are available in Pearlescent Pewter.   Please call 877-747-2457 to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to provide assistance.

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