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Ball 135 Elbow 2.0"

$ 28.96 


The 135 degree ball elbow provides an easy way to join two tubes at 45/135 degree angles to one another.  Whether used to connect sides for a bar foot rail or for applications such as hand rails, booth partitions, food shields, cart corrals and public guidance rails, the 135 degree ball elbows offers a traditional look and outstanding support.  Simply insert the tubing into each end of the 135 degree ball elbow for a snug fit and fast assembly.  The 135 degree ball elbow will hold securely without fasteners or it can screwed to the tubing.  For added strength a metal adhesive/epoxy may be applied. 

As with all of products, the 135 degree ball elbow is available in ANY finish and in a variety of sizes to fit most tubing. The larger neck and heavier material of our commercial-grade ball elbow is ideally suited for the most demanding applications and will provide superior support when compared to less substantial products. 

Use the 135 degree ball elbow in conjunction with other ball fittings, such as ball ends, single outlet balls, 90 degree ball elbows or universal angle balls for a uniform look and to securely connect tubing for virtually any application.

The 135 degree ball elbow is suitable for both interior and exterior use.


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