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Square Fittings for Square or Round Tubing

Unique fittings that add a dramatic flair to hand rails, foot rails and more.

Since we introduced these fittings, they have become a favorite among our interior design clients.  They, of course, go beautifully when used to join sections of square tubing.  However, the effect created when combined with round tubing is so unusual, so unique, that your foot rail or hand rail will look like it was molded at the foundry just for you.

 To add to the look,  consider using contrasting finishes as well.  For example,  a mirror polished brass elbow can be partnered with polished stainless steel tubing.  You've seen that look when used with gold and silver jewelry.  But that's only the beginning of your options.   Another great variation is to couple black tubing with satin stainless finished fittings or perhaps a red tone..  The permutations are endless.

In addition to the finishes available online, square components can be ordered by phone in virtually any color imaginable.

Set your imagination free and think about the possibilities.

Each component shown has the identical function of its round counterpart.  Works just as well with square tubing.  May be used with Square or Round tubing with .050" wall.

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